Photo Journal

My start in showbiz in 1966 as “Toto” from The Wizard of Oz in a community playhouse production. The newspaper reviewer wrote: “the role of Toto was played so convincingly, that I completely forgot he wasn’t a real dog!”

Last Chance – where all bluegrass bands get their start, on a flatbed truck in a dusty field.

First professional bluegrass band, Last Chance. (L-R standing) Slim, Ken Orrick; (L-R front) Tim, Jeff Harvey.

Later incarnation of Last Chance at Knott’s Berry farm: (top row L-R) Alison Brown, Stuart Duncan; (middle row) Tim, Gene Libbea; (front row) Jeff Harvey, Bert Patterson.

(L-R) Conrad Norton, Jeff Harvey, Tanya Tucker, Tim, and Stuart Duncan at the Beverly Hills Nieman-Marcus for Ralph Lauren’s Birthday Party.

Tim with Paul McIntire (violin) and Ken Orsow (accordion) playing French, Italian, and Greek music.

Band photo at Malibu Beach. This was a project band assembled for Jerry Weintraub’s Management 3 and Concerts West touring production called Surf Fest that never happened. We were to tour as the opening act for the Beach Boys.

MAX band: (L-R) Matt Marshall, Michael Tavera, Matt Magiera, Tim (squatting).

Tim with Art Clokey (the creator of Gumby, Davey & Goliath, etc.). Tim was the composer for Clokey Productions/Premavision for 10+ years.

Tim with flatpicking champion Peter McLaughlin.
Full Moon Dia de los Muertos concert.

With the Sevan, an original 7-string acoustic-electric, guitar-banjo hybrid instrument co-designed with master luthier Dennis Coon (photo by Dennis Coon).

Tim in an ecstatic performance with “kirtan chant master of American yoga”, Krishna Das.

Tim performing in Germany with 5X Grammy winner & 3X Bass Player of the Year, Victor Wooten.

Tim with friend and fellow banjoist, John Francis, aka Planetwalker. After witnessing the devastating effects of an oil spill in 1971, John stopped riding in motorized vehicles and walked for the next 22 years, 17 of them in complete silence.

Tim Weed Band ’09 (L-R) Devi Daly, Mark Robertson-Tessi, Tim, Poranguí, Rob Paulus (Photo Todd Pickering)

Tim with musical hero, Dawg (aka David Grisman).

Tim with the Modern Mandolin Quartet.
(L-R) Dana Rath, Matt Flinner, Tim, Paul Binkley, Adam Roszkiewicz. (photo by Todd Pickering).

Tim Weed Band at Throckmorton Theater (L-R) Jimmy Dillon, Sascha Jacobsen, Tobias Sparks, Tim, Devi Daly. (photo by Todd Pickering).

Tim with (L-R) Paul Knight, Jody Stecher, Peter Rowan.

Famous Paris Jazz Club (Autour de Midi & Minuit) with Dominique Lagache (guitar), Fabrice Ronciere (guitar), Emmanuel Chabbey (bass), Stéphane Meunier (drums), Franck Vidal (trumpet), Tim, and Stéphane N’Guyen (alto sax).

Mixing Soul House with legendary engineer, Stephen Hart, at the incredible 25th Street Recording Studio. (photo by Todd Pickering).

Tim with Romane at Maurice Dupont en Paris. Romane is renowned in France as one of the greatest Gypsy-Jazz / Parisian-style guitarists.

(L-R) In concert with Sascha Jacobsen, Tobias Sparks, Tim (photo by Todd Pickering).

(L-R) Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Richard Stekol, Tim (photo Sherry Fortune)

Summer of Love Concert – Nourse Theater, San Francisco.
-(L-R) Martin Luther McCoy, Paul Liberatore, Tim, Kirk Snedeker, Kelli Hill, Jimmy Dillon, Joan Baez, Rachel Tietjen, Frank Martin, Caroline Sky, Eric McCann, Nicki Bluhm, Chloe Titjen, Erika Titjen, Omega Rae, Jesse Ray Smith.