“Let’s say that there is a ‘universal bank.’ The amount of hours you deposit as deliberate listening, study, practice, and performing will earn you immeasurable returns.” - Tim Weed

Music is in his blood.

Tim Weed comes from a musical family. His mother played piano and sang in choir, his father played jazz and blues on clarinet, his sisters play piano, and his older brother played the electric guitar. Tim’s grandfather was an orchestral conductor, composer, and played in the Los Angeles Philharmonic; his grandmother led the Los Angeles Master Chorale.

How it all began.

At 16-years-old, Weed was influenced by his sister Dru’s boyfriend, Ralph Liddle, who gave Tim 8-track tapes of the Eagles and Poco. Tim would arrive home after tennis team practice and would ecstatically play his tennis racquet to the banjo sections – over and over and over.

The making of an icon.

For his 17th birthday, Tim hounded his parents (especially his mother) to buy him a $60 banjo. When they did, Tim began jamming on banjo with local rock star, Terry Nashick, playing “Mama’s got a Squeezebox” by the Who, and soon after played on his original rock and roll record.

Living the dream.

In 1976, Last Chance was formed with Tim on banjo and tenor harmonies, Jeff Harvey on mandolin and baritone harmonies, Ken Orrick on guitar and lead vocals, and Slim on bass. Last Chance performed a guest set at Golden West Bluegrass Festival in Norco, CA in late 1977 to rave reviews and was invited to be featured at all future festivals. Soon after, Last Chance was invited to perform at the most festivals and events throughout the west. The band was recognized for their exemplary tight, smooth, powerful vocal harmonies, hot pickin’, and white suits.

Moving up and moving on.

In 1982, Tim was hired into a 7-piece band by Christopher Sail—Ken Orsow, the incredible singer, award-winning songwriter, and excellent guitarist—as harmony vocalist for record company showcases. Tim recorded his first original song at Ocean Way on April 11, 1983 with Alan Sides as engineer.

Returning to his roots.

At the end of 1995, Tim formed “banjambo” which plays jazz and an eclectic mix of music with Paul Carman (Frank Zappa's band), Craig Eastman, Cassio Duarte, Stevie Distanislaus (David Gilmour), Jeff Kashiwa (Rippingtons), Greg Vail, Steve Billman (Miles Davis), Quinn Johnson, and John Rosenberg.