LIGHT & DARK submitted for 7 GRAMMY Award nominations!

Original classical compositions for 5-string banjo and orchestra recorded with the 82-piece Prague Metropolitan Orchestra.

NOW available on all major Digital Download and Streaming platforms, CD’s, and audiophile-quality 180 gram vinyl LP’s.


For Tim Weed, the banjo is a lucid creative conduit, discovering some of his deepest artistic wellsprings by exploring the wilder sonic potential of this oft clichéd instrument.

In Light and Dark, his musical explorations construct a colloquium of dualities; a conversation between the banjo and orchestra, between illumination and shadow, and between expectations and possibilities. As music is all around us in diverse proliferation interwoven into our everyday lives, it is rare when we encounter something that inexplicably moves us to our core. In “Colloquium: Dark & Light” and “Morro Glenn,” the banjo leads a symphony orchestra, conjuring feelings which evade imagination and belief. As this music challenges preconceptions around both classical music and the banjo, it appropriately reflects the current conflicted emotional state of our world.