Critically acclaimed original classical banjo compositions, including Morro Glenn and others. Featured on NPR and in a special performance for The Dalai Lama. Remixed and Remastered 2012 version.


Milagros is a collection of my original “classical” banjo music.

I began my professional music career as a teenager playing the banjo but switched to guitar to pursue more complex harmonic and rhythmic influences. After many years of performing, writing and recording a wide variety of musical styles, including writing orchestral classical music as a film composer, I picked up the banjo once again. I was very surprised and deeply moved by what began to emerge – expression, passion, complexity, and sensitivity that I had not known possible on the banjo.

Milagros means “Miracles” in Spanish, which is appropriate since these compositions revealed themselves to me in an almost magical, miraculous way, finding their way out of my deepest subconscious while I happened to be holding the banjo.

– Tim Weed

released June 15, 2012


Co-Produced by: Phil Lipman, Jeff Rodenkirch
Executive Producer: Beth Judd
Recorded at Undisclosed Location Studios by Phil Lipman and Jeff Rodenkirch
Re-mixed and Re-mastered by Manny LaCarrubba
Music composed, arranged and performed by Tim Weed
© 2013 Photography: Janine Björnson, Patrick Brayer
Dedicated to my father


“…the world’s greatest player I’d never heard of.”
– Mike Kropp, Banjo Newsletter Magazine

“Never, ever, anywhere, any time, anyplace have I heard anything as incredible as Tim’s artistry… I feel and hear Tim’s heart beat on those strings… Yes, Tim’s banjo whispers and the chaos is planned and passionately executed in these compositions.”
– Katie Lee: Recording Artist; Author; Actress; Radio Personality; Filmmaker; River-Runner; Explorer; Activist.

“When listening to music, I always have a parallel conversation going in my head as I’m figuring out the harmony and structure; but with Tim Weed’s music, I quickly determine that it’s beyond my ability to do so and I find myself completely lost in the sound, beauty, complexity – and technical mastery – I just enjoy the listening experience. Milagros is great. It’s spent A LOT of time in my player. I especially like Granada Vox.”
– Bill Keith, Banjo Pioneer

“Although I don’t normally publicize CD’s, I’m going to make an exception in this case. I was just sent a copy of a CD of Tim Weed… it’s all original tunes, a great CD. He takes the banjo further than most. I recommend this CD highly. He plays chromatic banjo extraordinarily well… I loooove his banjo playing!
– Bobby Thompson, 5-String Banjo Innovator

“There’s a group of musicians who have redefined the banjo. People like Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka, and Bill Keith . . .Tim Weed is one of those musicians.”
– Duane Inglish, Live Oak Music Festival

“I am amazed when a banjoist can approach a classical piece. I truly enjoy Bela Fleck’s classical explorations or those by John McEuen. But this is different. This is entirely original music that is both contemporary and classic. Milagros is vital new music conceived and performed to exploit the unique capabilities of this instrument… Tim’s technique is magnificent… His playing is masterful and his sound is simply spectacular.”
– John Balch, Chairman of Judging of the National Banjo Championships