“You are such a great teacher…you had a huge impact. So excited. Great to get you back on campus.”
– Berklee College of Music

“Besides being a master musician, Tim is a teacher by nature.”
– Bill Roley, Ph.D., Saddleback College

Music Instruction

Tim teaches internationally and is available for residencies, workshops, seminars, retreats, clinics, and a limited number of individual students.

“I have to say that you add a whole lot to the musical vibe around here. I’m so thrilled with what you’re doing for us…a dream come true!”
-Anthony Angelo, Fine Arts Dept. Chair, Dir. of Music: The Branson School

“…the peak experience for participating students came from the musical space Tim created: drawing us in, connecting us, and responding to the moods and needs of the group. I had the sense that I was witnessing something rare and beautiful…this musical experience was not only highly informative and inspirational, but also therapeutic for many of us.”
–Derek Roff Ph.D.; University of New Mexico