Music Instruction

All instruction is customized to meet each student’s individual needs and goals. Students are encouraged to record lessons on personal audio or video-recording devices. This is an extremely valuable way to review and reference lesson content.

Scheduling: Please send inquiries to:

Lesson Policies

Lesson Payments:
Payment is by-the-month for the same lesson time each week, and due at the first lesson of the month for the appropriate number of weeks in that month (4 or 5).
For example, with the weekly rate of $150 per 1-hour lesson, the monthly payment may be either $600 or $750.
Payment options:
Cash or check (for in-person lessons)
PayPal: (F&F please)
Cash App: timweedmusic
VenMo: timweedmusic

Punctuality: Please make every effort to arrive on time. If you are late, the lesson will still need to end at the scheduled time.

Cancelling a Lesson: If you must cancel a lesson, please notify with a minimum of 24 hours advance notice or your balance will be deducted for 100% of the lesson.

teaching is conducted in Central Marin County, CA. Travel to nearby locations is possible.

ONLINE TEACHING is available using Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. Tim has successfully taught hundreds of hours of online lessons and has found it to be extremely effective. For video call students, payment for your first lesson must be made before the online session begins.
Video call options:
Skype: timweedmusic


Vocal Lessons

For vocal lessons, Tim uses the Passaggio technique, essentially the same as as Seth Riggs’ Speech-Level Singing, which he studied intensively for four years. Students learn to discover and blend their different areas of resonance and to relax the musculature of the throat, particularly the larynx, to avoid “pulling up” to high notes or “pushing down” for low notes. Singers learn to float or open up and increase their range, sound better, use less effort, and eliminate potentially debilitating habits. Proper vocal technique can be applied to any style of singing or speech.

Tim also coaches for specific performances or recordings. He teaches harmony singing and “ear-training” which improves ones ability to respond to a style, melody, and harmony within a harmonic (chordal) structure.

Instruments Taught:

  • Voice
  • Acoustic, Electric, and Midi Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • 5-string Banjo (Scruggs, melodic, progressive styles)
  • Mandolin


  • Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Bluegrass,
    Blues, Jazz, Funk, World, Classical.

Topics available:

  • Getting started & tuning
  • Timing & Rhythm
  • Chords and Harmony
  • Playing with others (lead & accompaniment)
  • Collaboration
  • Composition
  • Improvisation
  • Repertoire
  • Music theory
  • Coaching for performances
  • Arranging original music
  • Equipment
  • Instrument maintenance and set-up
  • Career in Music

Teaching History:

  • Berklee School of Music
  • Univ. of AZ
  • Univ. of CA, Irvine
  • Stanford Medical Center
  • The Lama Foundation
  • Commonweal
  • Univ. of N.M.
  • Waldorf Schools
  • Sierra Tucson
  • Maui Arts & Cultural Center
  • Univ. of CO, Boulder
  • Regenerative Design Institute
  • Miraval Arizona
  • Esalen Institute
  • Permaculture Institute of Southern CA
  • Homai National School for the Blind, New Zealand
  • Taveuni School, Fiji
  • The Art of Mentoring and Music, Germany
  • NAMM (National Assoc of Music Merchants)
  • IBMA (Intl Bluegrass Music Assoc)
  • Music Camps worldwide